6 Mar 2016

Coopers Kit Yeasts

Submitted by ryanmurphy

Below is the list of Coopers Kit can's and the yeast they include


Original Series:- Ac (26807) 

International Series:- 
Australian Pale Ale - Ac+L (26807 Int) 
Mexican Cerveza - Ac+L (26807 Int) 
European Lager - L (26807 P) 
Canadian Blonde - Ac (26807) 
English Bitter - Ac (26807) 

Thomas Coopers Selection:- 
Wheat - A (26807 W) 
IPA - Ac (26807 IPA) 
Irish Stout - A (26807 IS) 
Pilsener - L (26807 P) 
Australian Bitter - Ac+L (26807 PS)
Heritage Lager - Ac+L (26807 PS)
Sparkling Ale - Ac+L (26807 PS)
Traditional Draught - Ac+L (26807 PS) 

Ac = Coopers ale yeast (our own strain, not the same as the yeast in our commercial ales, developed in-house and propagated under contract).

A = ale yeast and L = lager yeast (these strains are commercially available dry yeast and their details are held in confidence).


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